Since from long back mobile phones have played a vital role in human beings life as they help in communicating from any part in the world. The first mobile phone was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973. He worked for the Motorola company and developed the first hand-held cellular telephone.

Before electronic communications were developed as they are today, people had to work hard to communicate over long distances using methods like smoke signals, light signals or waving flags. Later telephones were invented in 1847 and then gradually Mobile telephones were invented almost 60 years ago and then cell phones were invented in 1980s. Long back there were radio telephones for ships, aircraft and military vehicles, then radio phones for cars and recently personal mobiles have come.

Earlier mobile phones were very large and were permanently installed. With the advanced technology of miniaturization currently majority of mobile phones are handheld. The first fully automatic cell phone system was the Nordic Mobile Telephone system, introduced in 1981.

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