How is typing speed & accuracy calculated?

Since the keyboard of a is similar to a typewriter, it forms the basis of your typing skill and accuracy.

Typing speed is calculated in words per minute (wpm), a word can be a single alphabet or multiple alphabets. So how the words per minute are calculated?

Count the total strokes (any key pressed constitutes a stroke including space bar, back space, enter and shift keys), divide them by 5 you will get total words typed. Now divide the total words by the number of minutes and seconds taken to type it out and you will know your typing speed in words per minute.

Typing inaccuracy is calculated by the number of mispelled words, back spaces and delete keys used. The less number of mispelled words, back spaces and delete keys used, the more accuracte is your typing prowess. If you have typed the given sentences exactly without the use of backspaces or use of delete button, then your typing accuracy skill is 100%.

Congratulations! You are now ready to take the Typing skill test.

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