Food plays a prominent role in every one’s life. Food is the basic intake in one’s life and acts as “any solid stuff that is used as source of nourishment. It mainly consists of carbohydrates, fats, water and proteins, which can be eaten or drank by animals, humans to get nutrition.

Food is very essential to everyone that may be human or animals, it provides us the energy and nutrients which a body needs to maintain a healthy life, in order to grow and develop, to work, think, play etc. By in taking of food, helps a human in gaining a vitamins, minerals, salts, and other elements essential to good health.

Selection of food items depends on the food label. Food label offers more complete, useful and accurate nutrition information that a customer wants. For example:

  • Nutrition information about almost every food in the grocery store.
  • Information on the amount per serving of saturated fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, and other nutrients of major health concern.
  • Easy-to-read formats that enable consumers to more quickly find the information they need to make healthful food choices etc.
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