Using Windows Disk Cleanup utility, you can remove unwanted files and folder on your hard drives. Disk Cleanup tool helps you delete temporary files and folders stored on the hard drive which is not necessary and occupies valuable hard disk space. Before deleting these files and folders using Disk Cleanup, you can view the files and folders which are marked for deletion.

Disk Cleanup finds and deletes the files and folders in the following locations:

  • Downloaded Program Files
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Offline Webpages
  • Recycle Bin
  • Temporary Files
  • Web Client / Publisher Temporary Files
  • Compress old Files
  • Catalog files for the content indexer

To Run Disk Cleanup Utility:

  • Click on Start Button > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or
  • Open “My Computer”
  • Right Click on the Drive Name / Partition on which you want to perform the Disk Cleanup
  • Click on “Properties”
  • Click on “Disk Cleanup” Button
  • Select the Drive Name / Partition and click on “OK” Button

Once you clicked on “OK” Button it will start scanning the drive / partition for temporary files which are not necessary and displays list of location from where the files and folders that are about to be deleted and their size along with the location description. To see the names and details of files and folders which are to be deleted, select the location and click on “View Files”.You can check or un-check the locations from which files or folders are or not to be deleted and click “OK” button to commence the disk cleanup.

That’s all. Disk Cleanup will delete all the files and folders located within the checked location temporary files freeing up the hard disk space.



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