Your first day in the kitchen? Make it a success story. Learn how to cook rice. The basic essential part of a person’s meal. Be it lunch or dinner. Here we will show you how to cook rice in a consistent manner so that you will always serve it with a smile.

To delve into an Indian recipe list is endless. It is a mixture of old and new dishes due to influences from its past annexation with the Mughal Empire and later on with the British Empire. Due to this a lot of these foreign influences are juxtaposed into the Indian cuisine especially from the Mughal side.

The recipes collected here are the simplest to make and a detailed view of each step in cooking up that recipe is laid out here without hiding anything no matter how trivial it may be.

We have classified the dishes as usual into breakfast lunch and dinner dishes. This has been further classified into vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. So searching for a meal ought to be an easy job, though definitely not as easy as cooking up a meal.

Common main meal course items served along with these dishes such as rice, chapattis have been allocated a separate section within these sections itself.

Learn how to:


Non Vegetarian:

Health & Fitness:

Advance Cooking Tips:

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