Nowadays, most of the urban population has been exposed to a computer. They also have a basic knowledge on how to operate a computer.

A very large percent of these computers have Windows operating system as the primary choice of an operating system. This being a graphical user interface type of operating system is very simple to understand and operate and hence very successful.

This article is not going to delve into the basic definition of a computer and the accompanying peripherals as everyone who has a basic knowledge knows what these are. All branded computers having Windows operating system come with a warranty and extended warranty for hardware peripherals so that all maintenance of the hardware are taken care of.

But there are still some certain basic factors that you must know which helps in ensuring smooth operations without any hitches. Most of the problems users face are either with the computer hardware, correct drivers, software malfunction or a virus attack.

We have put together some basic do’s and don’ts which will ensure that you have a smooth run on your computer. We will add onto this list as we keep on publishing newer features or tips.



Computer Performance

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