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Typing Syllabification – Learn Typing Skills

A neat typing means adjusting the matter to be typed within the margins. Long words coming at the end of lines are to be split. This division of the long words is known as syllabification. Words may consist of mono-syllable or multi-syllables. Mono-syllable words like ‘the’, ‘to’, need not be split. Multi-syllable words like permit,

The Typewriter & Typist – Learn Typing Skills

The pen has been declared to be “mightier than the sword”. The last 50 years have shown that the typewriter is mightier than the pen; for there is scarcely and walk of life in which the machine is not, for the majority of purposes, altogether superseding the pen. The appearance of typewritten matter is now

Ground Rules – Learn Typing Skills

Before you learn to type, have a look at the keyboard. The number of keys vary between 50 to 54. The key row commencing with the character “a” is known as the “Home Row” also known as “Guide Row”. This row is very important in learning typing as it acts as the ruling base in

How is typing speed & accuracy calculated?

Since the keyboard of a is similar to a typewriter, it forms the basis of your typing skill and accuracy. Typing speed is calculated in words per minute (wpm), a word can be a single alphabet or multiple alphabets. So how the words per minute are calculated? Count the total strokes (any key pressed