Caller tunes are a type of ringing tones people hear when they call you. In caller tunes instead of hearing the standard ring tone they hear a song before answering. Caller tunes come in thousands of songs or sounds and we can set different tunes for different people. We can download caller tunes from mobile, PCs and listen to them whenever we want.

Caller tunes can be set in many ways such as:

  • Caller Tunes for All Callers – every person hears this one
  • Individual Caller Tunes for up to 10 different people – this type of caller tune can be set for ten special people choosing the persons
  • Special Day Caller Tune for All Callers –  can be set for special occasions such as birthday, play party tracks for New Year’ Eve or carols at Christmas.
  • Special Day Caller Tunes – different people, different occasions remember birthdays and anniversaries for up to 8 of your favorite people.
    Special Day Caller Tunes play only for the specified day. We can also set a special day caller tune up to 30 days in advance but you will be charged at the time of set up.
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