About Us

Sometimes you need to start off on something and you just don’t know how! It could be the first time you want to cook up a basic Indian lunch, but really don’t know where to start. Or it could be that you want to start learning how to type. Maybe you felt envious of your colleague who could type pretty fast without seeing the keyboard while you really have to search for every letter on your keyboard.

You might have read so many books on typing and still felt there was something lacking. Well here is where that magic ingredient comes in. we will be putting every minute detail that goes into each activity. All activities will be tested before it is published on the net.

So the primary aim of this site (www.learn-basics.com) is top put together certain activities which everybody faces in their day to day life and make the activities a lot easier to accomplish rather than be stuck somewhere in the process with a missing link. This site’s main purpose is to make sure that there are no clouds of mystery hanging over the activities and everything is as plain as glass or smooth as silk to carry out without any hiccups in the process. The aim is to make sure that the activities are done efficiently and the results are always consistent.