Fish Curry Recipe Nagercoil Style

A typical South Indian style Fish Curry famous in the sea shores of Tamil Nadu especially cities and towns around Kanyakumari District. However, every part of the country has its unique taste and followers. Among them one of the most popular is Nagercoil style. In Kanyakumari District the major city is Nagercoil in the state

Dindigul Spicy Chicken Fry / Varuval Recipe

Dindigul is a well known place for spicy foods, located near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Dindigul is one of the famous place for India’s most tasty Biryani and peoples used to stand in long queues  to get a place inside the hotels. One of the famous Dindigual Chef’s recipe is this "Dindigul Spicy Chicken Varuval/Fry".

How to cook Thanjavur mutton fry?

Thanjavur formerly known as Tanjore, the famous temple town in South India. Tanjore is a good tourist spot which enclave Temples, Paintings, art and architecture. This place is also known as the "Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu". In this article we took out Tanjavur to highlight one its best recipes you might have ever tasted.

Learn to Cook Lemon Rice – Chitranna

Once you know how to prepare white rice, there are a variety of rice dishes to cook that are easy and quick to prepare. We will start with Lemon Rice also known as Chitranna. Here is how you can cook Lemon Rice: Time Estimated: 5 min using cooked rice Ingredients Required: 1 cup Cooked Rice

Windows Disk Cleanup Utility

Using Windows Disk Cleanup utility, you can remove unwanted files and folder on your hard drives. Disk Cleanup tool helps you delete temporary files and folders stored on the hard drive which is not necessary and occupies valuable hard disk space. Before deleting these files and folders using Disk Cleanup, you can view the files

Computer Basics – Tips & Do’s and Don’ts

Nowadays, most of the urban population has been exposed to a computer. They also have a basic knowledge on how to operate a computer. A very large percent of these computers have Windows operating system as the primary choice of an operating system. This being a graphical user interface type of operating system is very

Computer Trojans / Malware / Spyware Removal Tools

Is your computer’s performance very slow? How do you check whether your computer is infected with Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Adware or Spyware? There are various reasons when your computer’s current performance is very low compared to what it was when you first purchased your desktop computer or a laptop. In order to troubleshoot why the

Typing Syllabification – Learn Typing Skills

A neat typing means adjusting the matter to be typed within the margins. Long words coming at the end of lines are to be split. This division of the long words is known as syllabification. Words may consist of mono-syllable or multi-syllables. Mono-syllable words like ‘the’, ‘to’, need not be split. Multi-syllable words like permit,

The Typewriter & Typist – Learn Typing Skills

The pen has been declared to be “mightier than the sword”. The last 50 years have shown that the typewriter is mightier than the pen; for there is scarcely and walk of life in which the machine is not, for the majority of purposes, altogether superseding the pen. The appearance of typewritten matter is now

Ground Rules – Learn Typing Skills

Before you learn to type, have a look at the keyboard. The number of keys vary between 50 to 54. The key row commencing with the character “a” is known as the “Home Row” also known as “Guide Row”. This row is very important in learning typing as it acts as the ruling base in

How is typing speed & accuracy calculated?

Since the keyboard of a https://www.learn-basics.com/computer is similar to a typewriter, it forms the basis of your typing skill and accuracy. Typing speed is calculated in words per minute (wpm), a word can be a single alphabet or multiple alphabets. So how the words per minute are calculated? Count the total strokes (any key pressed

Bread, Cereal, Rice & Pasta – Foundations of vitamins and minerals

The grain group plays a significant source of complex carbohydrates that our bodies need to function at finest levels. Grains also provide B vitamins, minerals and fiber. Bread, Cereal, rice and pasta are the grain products which are the most useful food in everyone life and are the prominent products that are used by everybody

Fats, Oils & Sweets – High calories food

Fats and oils are an intense source of energy. Fats in the diet are necessary for good health. They make certain vitamins available for use in the body, they reduce essential organs, they make up part of all body cells, and they help to maintain body temperature. Fats, oils, and sweets are the fat foods

Vegetables – Edible roots, stems, leaves, fruits & seeds

Vegetables are significant food and very useful for the upholding of health and prevention of disease.  Eating a salad a day is a convenient way to easily improve your nutritional status. Vegetables are a source of essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates as they vary in the vitamins and minerals they contain, it is important to